Making Book Jewelry


I began experimenting with copper for unique book jewelry that can slip over a book page. I use a metal jig with movable pins that can be configured into a number of patterns. The 18-gauge copper wire, as a soft malleable metal, is easily formed on a metal jig into the desired shape.

I usually start with sketches of possible forms. But, I don’t always adhere to the shape, if in the formation a better idea comes to mind. I am happy to start with an idea but willing to change in the process. Creativity is about being able to change your mind.

Once the form is lifted from the jig, I pull out my anvil and hammer to temper and flatten the metal. In this particular form, The lower curved part is flattened to fit between pages of the book. The idea is similar to a large paper clip. When hammering the copper, the metal will begin to curl around the blows. It is best to hammer moderately on one side then turn to the opposite side and hammer with equal force. Alternate hammering the sides until the desired thickness is achieved.

When the tempering is complete, The top curled part is threaded with a single glass bead and the end turned around it. The top of the bookmark is left in rounded form for contrast. The bookmark is set over a set of pages. The top of the bookmark sits above the page edges making it easy for the user to access the wanted page.

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