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The Nested Accordion Pop-up Fold Book

Finished pop up accordion
Finished pop up accordion

On the last posting, you found out a bit about Donna and Peter. I hope you had a chance to visit their website and see their work. This posting is about Peter Thomas’ book arts workshop conducted at the Degolyer Conference.

By the end of the workshop we had created a new book structure Peter calls the Nested Accordion Pop-up Fold Book. This structure combines a basic Accordion book structure with a pop-up structure.

This combination of book techniques, as well as other creative book structures they have developed, are in their new book – More Making Books By Hand. The drawings and step-by-step instructions are very easy to follow. Continue reading The Nested Accordion Pop-up Fold Book


The Perfect Accordion Fold According to Peter Thomas

Finished accordion

Another workshop at the Degolyer Conference was with Peter Thomas. Peter and Donna Thomas have a great team thing going on. Donna is an illustrator while Peter is a binder and printer. I think they both are also papermakers. What a job! Check out their one of a kind miniature books. They are a very talented team.

Continue reading The Perfect Accordion Fold According to Peter Thomas