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The Overcast Stitch

Usually, I with work laced-on bindings, using french link stitching over linen tapes. However, on a rare occasion, I find a book that looks like a signature binding, but in the de-binding find out it is a variation such as notch-perfect binding. Mass produced trade books, magazines and paperbacks machine-assembled use the perfect binding method. Traditional perfect binding has signature folds at the spine cut off. Pages align squarely with each other at the binding spine edge. Typically the perfect binding uses a hot-melt, gelatinous glue over the cut edge of the spine. The notch perfect binding variation uses folded signature gatherings with slits along the folds. Glue applied to the signature folds fills the notches and creates a strong, flexible bond. Both types of perfect binding have the advantage of being very economical. Continue reading The Overcast Stitch