The Perfect Accordion Fold According to Peter Thomas

Finished accordion

Another workshop at the Degolyer Conference was with Peter Thomas. Peter and Donna Thomas have a great team thing going on. Donna is an illustrator while Peter is a binder and printer. I think they both are also papermakers. What a job! Check out their one of a kind miniature books. They are a very talented team.

Step 1:
Cutting the paper

Fold in half

If you have ever tried to fold an accordion book, you may have found that when you finished it looked more like a staircase than a folded book. Peter has a fail-safe method for getting the folds stacked straight. He showed how to make perfect accordion folds that are SOOOO easy. The basic folding steps are simple. Open mountain fold

Cut a narrow strip of paper about 2″ by 14″. Fold the strip in half taking care to align the edges evenly. When you crease the fold, turn the strip over. The edges open to show an open mountain fold.
Step 2:
Fold 3 - Bring center fold to opposite paper edgeTake each edge of the paper and fold it to the center fold.Fold 2 - Bring center fold to paper edge
When you are finished, you will have three folds that shape the paper strip like an M. Invert the centerfold so the paper strip look kind of like three wave crests.Peaks and valleys




Step 3:
Fold 4 - Bring mountain fold to paper edgeTake the first fold and fold it to the edge of the strip.




Step 4:
Fold 5 - Bring center fold to previous fold edgeTake the center fold and fold it to meet the first fold’s edge.




Step 5:

Fold 6 - Bring third fold to previous fold edge

Take the third fold and fold it to meet the centerfold.




Step 6:
Fold 7 - Bring final paper edge to previous foldTake the final strip edge and fold it to meet the last fold edge.



You should have an eight-panel accordion.

Finished accordion

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